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Raid Gaza! Raid Gaza!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I want to see you living in your street and

someone will start to shoot rocket on your home
you cal 911 (like the UN)
they told you that they said to this man to stop shoot
he allways shoot and missied sometimes he succed to kill somebody and make damage to your building
what you are was doing to stop this, think that you mother allso live in this building and she go to hospital becuase she allways in panic
you try to talk to this man but he said to you that he stop just if you die or you live your country

A real man was take shotgun and shoot the son of $#%$#$! to death

this what israel do , protect thier citizen from terroriest that said that they want to delte israel from the map

raidgaza responds:

Yeah, Israel kills that man, 24 members of his family, his neighbours and his friends. What should those who survived do? According to you, if they are real men, they should grab a shotgun and go kill the sons of $#%$#$! who killed their relatives/friends/neighbours. Awesome! Problem solved then, isn't it!